Projects - Co-operative Financial Services

Creating the 'Good With Money' brand positioning for The Co-operative Bank and CIS (now The Co-operative Insurance).

Kelvin identified the need to communicate the ethical positioning of The Co-operative's financial services businesses in a way that appealed to everyman rather than only the darker green audiences.

Working with creative agency Dig For Fire, Kelvin evolved the brand essence from 'Customer led, ethically guided' which had been in place for over 12 years, to a new position of 'Good With Money'.

The brand advertising built the external position over subsequent years with highly authentic advertising featuring real people discussing 'Good With Money'. A colleague engagement programme ensured that 'Good With Money' lived through the whole company, not just in the marketing team.

During the economic crisis of 2008 The Co-operative has enjoyed ever improving brand scores on measures such as YouGov's “Buzz” (what people are saying about your brand) and corporate reputation. The brand's awareness and consideration have both improved in this period when the sectors' scores have plummeted.